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Unique7 Impressions personalizes and specialize customers with unique obituaries, its strength being specialized

in such a heartfelt manner and yet instilling best quality. Our key focus is to provide your family with dignity and comfort in your time of bereavement.


These obituaries are for customers throughout the global social network and local communities and business-to-business communication, as well as business-to-client communication.



Unique7 Impressions Obituaries is mainly for customers who might come in need and

is seeking them for a cheaper price as well as a more memorable impression.

U7is, is so greatly different from any other online social network  business is by personalizing

memories, the quality and reasonable prices each product imprints upon the heart of the Customers.

In personalizing  obituaries  U7is uses typography, visual arts, and page layout graphic design services of

pre-existing materials or divers elements that includes any computer labor needed.  

All to create an inward imprint of compassion and great quality within the heart of the

customers that births memories backed by commitment of excellence that last a lifetime.


The focus of this VISION is to put forth a more pro active objective to create heart warm obituaries that are most memorable, of great quality at a reasonable pricing. Which will forever be remembered and cherish able for client tale. 

Unique7 Impressions mission is to provide specialized obituaries locally and through the mail. These products are either not available at the retail level, or are too expensive if obtained from normal commercial printers and stores.

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