Love & Kindness Have I Drawn Thee

June 13, 2020




While preparing to enter the gas station. I recognized a gentleman holding the door for the other women. I politely pick up my pace thinking he was waiting to hold the door for me as well. Wrong as I stepped to the door he quickly goes inside watching the door barely miss my face. Yes! Of another race. So glad I was masked I begin to think while shaking my head. I had to remember revenge does not bring peace. I really wanted to respond but I quickly begin to quote --Vengeance is mine;I will repay, saith the Lord-Romans 12:19. Feelings hurt but what good would it do me to focus on color and take offense. It does no good. I brought down that thought and kept it moving. So, anytime revenge is encouraged consider yourself equally responsible. God wants each of us if possible to follow peace with all men. He is pleased when we love one another and live in peace. Leave it to the wrath of God. Lord it is not easy the challenges we are facing during this time of pandemic and protesting but I believe you are stretching us...growing us for the next season. Lord I pray we be peacemakers and not warmongers in Jesus name-Amen.With God all things are possible-Matt. 19:26.

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