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The fastest way to order gift baskets: Fill out the form emailed specifying the following:

·          Specify your Budget

·          Select your size (small, medium, large, extra-large)

·          Select container (basket, box, or bag etc.)

·          Select your Theme

·          Select your Color(s)

·          State the Occasion

·          List any additional items you would like added, etc.


Please specify the time these products/or services are needed.


Price List

Customers are required to pay half of the total amount on day of purchase (Non-refundable).Prices are subject to change!

Adult Gift  Baskets (plus S&H)

Small-$25-$45     Medium-$50-$70      Large $75-$100

Children Gift Baskets (plus S&H)

Small-$35-45   Medium-$45-$55   Large-$55-$65

Diaper Cakes (Girls & Boys) (plus S&H)


Diaper Reefs

$20-$100 (plus S&H)

Understand ALL ORDERS are sent from our facility that is clean and disinfected at all times, Covid-19 or not! ALL material used to make Gift Baskets, Diaper Cakes, and Diaper Reef's are housed in sanitized storage containers. While preparing products we make sure to take necessary precautions until the completion of the product/or service we will be providing.

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